Speaker Faculty

Monideepa Roy

Vice President - Corporate, Research & Development

Actinium Pharmaceuticals

Eftychia Koumarianou

Director - Pre-clinical & Pharmacy


Stanley Satz

Chairman & Chief Scientific Officer

Advanced Innovative Partners

Andreas Kluge

Owner & Lead Consultant


Manfred Rüdiger

Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director

Ariceum Therapeutics

Jeff Kovacs

Head of Oncology Research

Aktvis Oncology

Urs Hagemann

Head of Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals- Research & Early Development Oncology


Sheamus Gleason

Executive Vice President

Clarity Pharmaceuticals

Michael Zalutsky

Professor of Radiology & Director, Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory

Duke University

Stig Palm


Department of Radiation Physics

John Carney

Chief Executive Officer


Jean-François Gestin

Head of Chemistry & Radiochemistry

Inserm Lille Neuroscience & Cognition Research Centre

Friedmund Bachmann

Director - Chemistry, Manufacturing, Control & Biologics


Jan A. Alfheim

Chief Executive Officer


Chris Pak

President & Chief Executive Officer

Molecular Targeting Technologies

Cyril Berthet

Director of Pharmaco-Imaging Unit & MRT Department

Oncodesign SA

Adrien Reymond

Radiopharmaceuticals Expert Consultant

READ Pharma

Marc Robillard

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Tagworks Pharmaceuticals

James Nagarajah

Assistant Professor


Riccardo Canevari

Chief Executive Officer

Radiopharm Theranostics

Jakub Simecek

Chief Executive Officer


Lucy Morgan

Associate Director of Research & Policy

The Health Policy Partnership

Noble George

Sr Director Imaging Science & Operations

POINT Biopharma

Alex Jackson

Head of Research & Development


Michael Schultz

Chief Science Officer

Viewpoint Molecular Targeting