Pre-Conference Workshop Day

Morning Workshop A: Tuesday 7th December, 2020
 9am - 12pm CET | 4am - 7am ET

Ensure Advanced Oncology Portfolios Reach Their Full Potential Through Effective Imaging

In the clinic, molecular imaging has the potential to be a useful tool for diagnosing and monitoring various malignancies. It has the potential to speed up oncology clinical trials, develop new patient selection strategies, and serve as a biomarker of therapy response, thereby opening up new routes for recently validated targets. Accelerate your pipeline development by maximising the use of cutting-edge molecular imaging technology.

Workshop Leader

laura ravasi

Laura Ravasi
Head of Global Medical Affairs
Telix Pharmaceuticals


James Nagarajah
Assistant Professor

Morning Workshop B: Tuesday 7th December, 2020
3pm-6pm CET | 9am - 12pm ET

Designing Novel Targeting Molecules to Create New Therapeutic Opportunities

To ensure radiopharmaceuticals can benefit the maximum amount of patients possible, it is essential that we innovate and build on the current momentum research in this area has gained. Most importantly, using new targeting systems such as bispecific antibodies, lipid, and peptide-based systems is essential to reaching new therapeutic areas.

In this workshop you will:

  •  Hear how advances in protein engineering have enabled efficient production of multivalent bispecific antibodies with picomolar affinity for DOTAradiohaptens
  • Learn about radiolabelling of lipid-based nanocarrier systems containing tyrosine kinase enzyme inhibitors as theranostic agents
  • Discuss the vital aspects of clinically developing these new targeting systems and the role of dosimetry in developing these compounds

Workshop Leaders

Everen Gundogdu

Evren Atlihan Gundogdu
Associate Professor
Ege University

Sarah Cheal

Sarah Cheal
Sr Research Scientist
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

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