*All times listed are Central European Time (CET)

Conference Day 1

Wednesday 6th December 2023

7:00 am Registration

7:50 am Opening Remarks

Evaluating the Current Market & Clinical Updates to Understand the Progress in the Field

8:00 am Advancing Bayer’s (Pre)clinical TRT Pipeline


• Reviewing preclinical assets and modalities

• Diving into combinations

• Exploring the clinical assets

8:30 am Coretag’s Necrosis Targeted Radioligand, the First in Human Use


• Improving biodistribution by adding albumin binding component

• Radiolabeling for Petscan

• Radiolabeling for Therapeutic use

9:00 am Accelerate clinical development for Molecular RadioTherapies (MRT)


  • Novel services and technologies in preclinical MRT studies 
  • Using multiple legislations to optimize clinical trial conduct (EU & USA) 
  • Capitalization on untapped development capacities for MRT (focus on India)

9:40 am Morning Break & Speed Networking

Novel Targets Track

Moulding Your TRP to Work Around the Challenges Associated With Novel Targets

10:40 am Novel Fibrosis Targets for Molecular Imaging of Fibrogenesis & Fibrotic Cancers


• Explore attractive targets for fibrogenesis

• Discover the use of a single domain antibodies platform for molecular imaging

• Review translation from diagnostic targets to therapeutic targets

11:10 am Roundtable Discussion – Understanding How to Choose the Correct Oncological Target to Adapt Your TRP to Changing Tumor Expressions


  • Navigating changing tumour expression
  • Reflecting on how this expression affects target selection
  • Analysing what makes a good target given changing tumour expression

11:25 am Targeting HER2 & FAP to Address Unmet Need With New Treatment Modality


• Why we have selected HER2 and FAP as our lead targets

• How we stand out from competition

• Sharing accomplishments and future plans

Supply Chain Track

Delving into the Supply Chain & Transportation Challenges Associated With Novel Isotopes

10:40 am An Overview of Zirconium-89: From Production to Clinical Utility


• Evaluating the production and properties of Zr-89

• Reviewing the current and emerging global supply chain of Zr-89

• Discussing the advantages, limitations, and future prospects including clinical utility

11:10 am Company Introduction & Copper 67 API


• Iotron Medical is the only commercial supplier of copper 67

• Discussing beta-emitting therapeutic isotope with Cu-64 for PET Imaging

11:25 am Unlocking Shortage of Alpha Emitting Isotope With Lead-212 to Tap TAT Full Potential

  • Nicolas Bozovic Director of Pharmaceutical Operations and Projects, OranoMed


• Interest of lead-212 for the development of TRP

• Providing a reliable supply chain for 212Pb-based therapies

• Developing a robust pipeline of 212Pb-based therapies for patients’ benefit

11:55 am Networking Lunch

Taking a Deep Dive into Novel Targets & Their Basics to Understand How They Affect TRP Development

1:00 pm Re-186 Radiolabelled NanoLiposomes for Rare Brain and Spinal Cord Tumors


• Exploring preclinical & clinical (Phase 1, Phase 2) data

• Applying this to notoriously-difficult to treat recurrent glioblastoma

• How effective is this for treating pediatric ependymoma & high-grade gliomas

1:30 pm Evaluating the targeting and therapeutic efficiency of alpha & beta emitting radiopharmaceuticals, through non-invasive in vivo screening


  • Preclinical in vivo imaging, serves as a gold-standard methodology for diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals evaluation
  • Imaging of therapeutic isotopes (including a-emitters) is more challenging to establish and export relative data
  • The proposed in vivo screening protocol, significantly enriches the study read-outs, during a standard preclinical drug efficacy study

1:45 pm Branching Out: DEP® Dendrimer Nanoparticles as a Versatile Platform for Precision Cancer Radiotheranostics


• Starpharma’s polylysine DEP® dendrimers for development of radiotheranostic pairs

• Utility of DEP® platform for targeted delivery of radiotheranostics

• Overview of DEP® HER2-targeted radiotheranostics

Optimising Manufacturing & Supply Coordination to Accelerate TRP Development

1:00 pm The Modular PreTargit® Platform Enables RIT for Hard-to-Treat Cancers by Significantly Improved Therapeutic Indexes


• PreTargit Radioimmunotherapies

• Analysing antibody design

• Efficacy of PRIT on mouse models of colorectal and pancreatic cancer

1:30 pm Meeting Ambitious Time-To-Market Goals in a Fast-Growing TRP Market


• Our approach to TRP time-to-market efficiency

• Staying on course in a fast-growing environment

• Achievements and future steps in API process development & manufacturing

1:45 pm Improving Turn Around Time of TRP From Manufacturer to Patient to Keep With Set Dosing Schedules


• Learning what turnaround time is and why it is important

• Scrutinising the problem with turnaround times

• Enhancing turnaround times to ensure dosing schedules are not affected

2:15 pm Afternoon Networking Break

3:00 pm Panel Discussion – Understanding the Investor Landscape to Maximise Investments & Drive TRP Development

  • Eirini Bournazou Evaluations & Clinical Collaborations Lead, Oncology External Innovation, Bristol Myers Squibb
  • Jeevan Virk Head of RLT, Novartis AG


• Examining the investor landscape

• Understanding how to optimise opportunities in the investor landscape

• Maximising investments in your TRP

Addressing the Advantages of Imaging to Use It as a Companion to Therapy & Improve Diagnostics

4:00 pm Pharmalogic Company Overview


  • Therapeutic and PET manufacturing expansion
  • Chemistry development and scale – up
  • Clinical and commercial supply considerations

4:15 pm Delving into the ImmunoPET Potential for Drug Development


• Explore opportunities and challenges for bioimaging in clinical drug development

• Examine D8-PET as biomarker of response to IO treatments

4:30 pm Closing Remarks

4:45 pm Scientific Poster Session


This is an informal session to help you connect with your peers in a relaxed atmosphere and continue forging new and beneficial relationships. You will have the opportunity to present your work, and review presentations displaying novel approaches and findings.

5:45 pm End of Scientific Programme Day One