*All times listed are Central European Time (CET)

9:15 am Opening Remarks

Commercialising Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals

9:30 am Panel Discussion: Discuss the Key Stages of a Roll Out and How Each Stakeholder & Specialist Can Contribute for Assured Success

  • Chris Pak President & Chief Executive Officer, Molecular Targeting Technologies
  • Shaemus Gleason Executive Vice President, Clarity Pharmaceuticals


• Outline how we can prevent a “copy and paste” approach to commercialization strategies, particularly through looking at the lessons learnt from the launches of Bexxar and Zevalin
• Explore how each role can maximise their input into the launch plan
• Identify the most common potholes that companies fall into when launching any pharmaceutical product

10:00 am Morning Coffee Break

10:00 am Investment and Collaboration for Building Better Infrastructure to Improve Access to Radionuclides for Research & Patient Access to Therapies

  • Lucy Morgan Associate Director of Research & Policy, The Health Policy Partnership


• Discuss where the current gaps lie and what programs are currently in place to fill them
• It is broadly agreed that vendors and service providers should collaborate (we see this happen a lot in this field) to provide the most comprehensive and reliable services. How do we ensure that everyone wins in these partnerships?

Phase 1 Development Continued

11:00 am DNA-Targeted Auger Electron-Emitting Radiopharmaceuticals: Following the Short- Range High LET Path

  • Alex Jackson Head of Research & Development, Theragnostics


• The potential of short range high LET radioligand therapies is a hot topic as demonstrated by high scientific interest and investment in alpha-emitting drugs
• Auger electrons are another class of high LET emission. The potential of an Auger emitter radioligand has been proposed for a several years, but combination with the correct protein target is crucial for success.
• An update of progress in the field and from Theragnostics’ work will be presented.

11:30 am FAPI Imaging in Selecting Theranostics

  • Noble George Sr Director Imaging Science & Operations, POINT Biopharma


• Novel Fapi radiotracer Ist in human biodistribution.
• Tumor: background uptake
• Pitfalls in interpretation

Manufacturing & Quality Assurance

11:00 am Presentation from Our Partners at ITM


Novel Radionuclides

11:30 am Preparation and Pre-Clinical Study of Yttrium-90 Carbon Microspheres for Selective Internal Radiation in the Treatment of Advanced Liver Cancer

  • Xiaosheng Zhao Senior Scientist of Microsphere Project, Chengdu New Radiomedicine Technology


• Why we design and develop yttrium-90 carbon microspheres; the main ideas and important points of
product design
• Experimental design and results of pre-clinical evaluation of yttrium-90 carbon microspheres
• The characteristics and advantages of yttrium-90 carbon microspheres, and the prospect and plan of clinical development of the product

12:00 pm Networking Lunch

Combination & Personalised Therapy in RLT

1:00 pm Personalized Medicine from A Nucmed Perspective


• Optimizing response rates through careful patient stratification
• Improving outcomes by utilizing imaging

1:30 pm Leveraging the Power of Targeted Radiotherapy to Build a Pipeline of Highly Differentiated Radiotherapeutics for Conditioning, Heme & Solid Tumor Malignancies

  • Monideepa Roy Vice President - Corporate, Research & Development, Actinium Pharmaceuticals


• Leading specialty oncology radiotherapeutics company with a Ph III-complete, paradigm shifting induction and conditioning agent, Iomab-B for R/R AML and a robust pipeline of both heme and solid tumor opportunities leveraging a 160-patent backed proprietary platform
• Actimab-A investigated in R/R AML trials including in combination with Bcl-2 targeted venetoclax and the salvage chemotherapy CLAG-M, the latter demonstrating 80% ORR
• Strong R&D platform pioneering targeted radiotherapies in solid tumors, bolstered by partnerships with Astellas Pharma, Inc. for solid tumor theranostics, AVEO Oncology for a first-in-class Actinium-225 HER3 targeting radiotherapy, and EpicentRx, Inc. for combinations with their clinical stage CD47-SIRPα inhibitor

Novel Radionuclides

2:00 pm Chelation And Linker Chemistry For Pb- 203/Pb-212 Alpha-Particle Peptide Based Radiopharmaceutical Therapies For Cancer

2:30 pm Afternoon Coffee Break

3:00 pm Developments in Thorium-based RLT

  • Urs Hagemann Head of Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals- Research & Early Development Oncology, Bayer


• Pre-clinical development
• Discussion of the strengths of a Thorium platform in the current state of radionuclide supply

3:30 pm From the Death Sciences to the Life Sciences – How Radiopharmaceuticals are Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment

  • Stanley Satz Chairman & Chief Scientific Officer, Advanced Innovative Partners


• Different business models being pursued in the sector
• What it will take to see the next value inflection for the sector

4:00 pm End of Conference