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Conference Day 2

Thursday 7th December 2023

8:00 am Registration

8:50 am Opening Remarks

Choosing the Correct Target Molecule of Your TRP to Ensure Accuracy With Tumour Targeting

9:00 am 225Ac-Targeted Therapy: Advancing Antibody & Small Molecule-Based Agents into the Clinic


• Uncover the power of targeted radiotherapy over targeted chemotherapy

• Why is 225Ac an attractive radioisotope for targeted therapy?

• Discuss the advantages and challenges of antibody-based radiotherapy

9:30 am Panel Discussion: Comparing Antibodies, Peptides & Small Molecules as Targeting Molecules to Improve Stability & Accuracy of Your TRP


• Highlighting the advantages of antibodies, peptides and small molecules

• Understanding the difference each makes to the final TRP

• Analysing which molecule to choose depending on your target

10:15 am Delving Into Bicycles® as Agents for Radionuclide Delivery to Tumours

  • Gemma Mudd Director - Medicinal Chemistry, Bicycle Therapeutics


• Introduction to Bicycles and their properties

• Evaluating Bicycles as agents for radionuclide delivery to tumours

• Exploring a case study on using Bicycles as agents

10:45 am Precision Targeting – Affilin®-based Radiotheranostics


  • Affilin® Radiotheranostics – breaking paradigms in RLT
  • Best-in-class potential, outperforming current benchmarks
  • Full modularity and engineering for fast innovation
  • AI-driven Therapeutic development

11:00 am Morning Networking Break

Delving into Isotopes to Maximise the Efficacy of Your TRP

11:30 am Advancing Universal Targeted Radiotherapies: Unleashing the Potential of Alpha & Beta Particles for Solid & Hematologic Malignancies


• Understanding the value of a universal targeting agent

• Validating with beta emitters in hematology oncology

• Exploring its use with alpha emitters for difficult to treat solid tumours

12:00 pm Actinium-225: Fostering the Future of Targeted Alpha Therapy

  • Kevin Machel Product Manager, ITM Isotope Technologies Munich SE


• Understand the importance of choosing the right isotope pair and how the future of TRT

depend on isotope availability

12:30 pm Lunch

1:30 pm Understanding Radionuclide Auger Therapy to Examine Its Use & Advantages


• Identifying which radioisotopes can be used for Auger therapy

• Overview of Auger therapies to date

• Examining Auger PARP inhibitor radionuclide therapy

2:00 pm MACROPA™ – The Ring for Life or Keeping the Ac-225 Pay-Load on Your Targeting Vector


  • MACROPA™ offers the possibility to label at room temperature and tolerates other metals being present during and post labeling
  • MACROPA™ forms stable complexes holding the radioactive payload(s) for several days on the targeting vector
  • MACROPA™ re-complexes formed (decay) Bi-213 (the only relevant daughter isotope) in the drug product vial over the shelf-life of the DP, allowing for a better controlled/defined radiopharmaceutical with minimal radioactive contaminants

2:30 pm Afternoon Networking Break

Driving Clinical Translational of Your TRP to Optimise In-Human Studies

3:00 pm Preclinical Characterisation of a Novel 68Ga/177Lu-Labeled Fibroblast Activation Protein (FAP) Targeted Peptide Binder for Cancer Imaging & Therapy

  • Wei Huang Deputy Manager, Chengdu New Radiomedicine Technology


• NT6020 is a potent and specific novel peptide binder to FAP.

• 177Lu-NT6020 demonstrates efficient and continued tumour uptake with fast renal clearance, and minimal normal tissue uptake.

• 177Lu-NT6020 significantly inhibits tumour growth in FAP-expressing HEK293 xenograft model.

3:30 pm Computational Modelling in Radiopharmaceutical Therapy


• Review mechanistic modeling for radiobiology of RPT (cellular and molecular radiation interactions)

• Evaluate dosimetry for RPT

• Analyse imaging-based biodistributions of radiopharmaceuticals

4:00 pm Bench to Bedside – How to Design Innovative Radiopharmaceuticals for Human Use

  • Germo Gericke Chief Medical Officer, EVP Research & Development, Ariceum Therapeutics


• Beyond high affinity: clinically viable biodistribution

• Cat and mouse: Preclinical screening and optimisation

• Compassionate phase 0?: Leveraging unique attributes of radiopharmaceuticals

4:30 pm Bridging the Gap Between Preclinical Studies and Clinical Development – Fih Phase 0 Studies


  • Exploring the Role of Phase 0 Studies: Understanding the significance of Phase 0 studies in the development of targeted radiopharmaceuticals (TRP) and their role as a crucial intermediate step between preclinical research and Phase 1/2 clinical trials
  • Advantages and Challenges: Discussing the advantages and challenges associated with conducting Phase 0 studies, including their potential to accelerate drug development, provide early human data, and optimize in-human studies while managing risks effectively
  • Conducting, and interpreting Phase 0 studies for TRPs, emphasizing their impact on decision-making and successful translation to clinical trials

5:00 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

5:15 pm End of Conference

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