*All times listed are Central European Time (CET)

8:30 am Morning Coffee

9:15 am Opening Remarks

Novel Tracer Technology

9:30 am In Vivo Click Strategies for Antibody-Based Imaging and Radiotherapy

  • Marc Robillard Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Tagworks Pharmaceuticals


  • Radioimmunoimaging and -therapy is hampered by low target-blood ratios
  • We will present strategies that use the in vivo click reaction between tetrazine with trans-cyclooctene-modified mAbs to boost this ratio with temporal control and broad applicability

10:00 am Unlocking the Potential of Theranostics


10:10 am Morning Refreshment Break

Case Studies Targeting HER-2 – Tracing and Treating

11:00 am Affibody Tracers – Approach to Truly Personalize Medicine In HER-2 Cancer


  • Advantages of Affibody tracers as demonstrated in a 40-patient Phase II study in Breast Cancer patients
  • Impact of Affibody PET-Imaging on personalized treatment decisions for potentially HER2 positive tumors
  • Future potential in molecular imaging and as targeted radiopharmaceuticals

11:30 am CAM-H2 – New Treatment Option In HER2- Positive Cancer


  • Building on strengths of single domain antibody-based platform
  • Evolving landscape in HER2-positive cancer
  • Ongoing CAM-H2 Phase I/II clinical study

Combination & Personalised Therapy in RLT

12:00 pm Personalized Medicine from A Nucmed Perspective


  • Optimizing response rates through careful patient stratification
  • Improving outcomes by utilizing imaging
  • Applying learnings from personalised medicine in other areas of oncology

12:30 pm Radiobiology Of Radionuclide Therapy: Using Molecular Insights to Improve Treatment Outcome For Cancer Patients


  • What is radiobiology and why is it important to understand these underlying mechanisms when designing new or more optimal radionuclide therapy strategies?
  • Insight into different radiobiological parameters of alpha and beta radionuclide therapy.
  • Example of improvement of radionuclide therapy using combination therapies therapies.

Novel Tracer & Targeting Technology

11:00 am Successful Real-Time In Vivo Imaging of Pb-212 and Ac-225 in Preclinical Oncological Models


  • Phase 1 Development & Global Perspectives of Regulation
  • Challenges in imaging Pb-212 and Ac-225 with current preclinical and clinical SPECT systems
  • Optimization of BIOEMTECH “eyes” for efficient imaging of Pb-212 and Ac-225
  • In vivo mouse imaging of low activity Pb-212 and Ac-225 labelled compounds
  • Added value of preclinical imaging over standard ex-vivo biodistribution studies

11:15 am FAPI Imaging in Selecting Theranostics

  • Noble George Sr Director Imaging Science & Operations, POINT Biopharma


  • Novel FAPI radiotracer 1st in human biodistribution study for improved understanding of the dynamics of FAPI targeting
  • Tumor: background uptake
  • Pitfalls in interpretation

11:45 am Affilin®-Based Next-Generation Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals


  • Novel target binding proteins called Affilin® ligands
  • Precision Targeting Toolbox that leverages the high engineerability of the Affilin® ligands to custom design next-generation Affilin®-Radiotheranostics, and
  • The proprietary HEADs technology to fine-tune the half-life and pharmacokinetics of Affilin® radio conjugates for therapy and imaging.

12:00 pm The Case For and Against Companion Diagnostic Tracers


  • Why we should have imaging companion tracers
  • Why we should not have them
  • How to think about ways out of the dilemma

12:30 pm Diagnostic Radioimmunocionjugate Targeting the Oxidized Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor (oxMIF)


  • Macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) is a pleiotropic cytokine consisting of three identical
    subunits that drives tumorigenic cell signaling and exerts immunomodulatory activities in the tumor microenvironment
  • ON102 is a radioimmunoconjugate designed to provide a
    non-invasive approach for diagnostic applications

1:00 pm Networking Lunch

Commercialising & Financing Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals

1:45 pm Funding Challenges and Considerations for Radiopharmaceuticals

  • Kemp Dolliver Senior Analyst & Head of Research, Brookline Capital Markets

2:15 pm Panel Discussion: Discuss the Key Stages of a Roll Out and How Each Stakeholder & Specialist Can Contribute for Assured Success

  • Chris Pak President & Chief Executive Officer, Molecular Targeting Technologies
  • Shaemus Gleason Executive Vice President, Clarity Pharmaceuticals
  • Guido Wuerth Head of Global Programs, Affibody AB


  • Outline how we can prevent a “copy and paste” approach to commercialization strategies, particularly through looking at the lessons learnt from the launches of Bexxar and Zevalin
  • Explore how each role can maximise their input into the launch plan
  • Identify the most common potholes that companies fall into when launching any pharmaceutical product

2:45 pm IAEA Activities: Efforts Towards Global Sustainable Developments in Radiopharmaceuticals

  • Aruna Korde Radiopharmaceutical Scientist, Radioisotope Products and Radiation Technology Section| Division of Physical and Chemical Sciences, IAEA


  • The IAEA co-ordinated research projects current and concluded in recent pasts and their impact on radiopharmaceutical developments
  • Technical support for capacity building in developing Member States in radioisotope production and radiopharmaceutical area
  • Related IAEA publications, databases, conferences

3:15 pm End of Conference