Welcome to the Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals Summit

The Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals (TRP) Summit seeks out solutions to longstanding obstacles in radiopharmaceutical development at all stages, from bench to bedside. Alongside this we strive to explore the key ways that companies can get the most value out of their therapies - to make them more commercially viable, but most importantly, increasing the number of patients that these therapies will help.

Join us to hear about the most cutting-edge developments in:

  • Combining radionuclides with a comprehensive array of therapeutics for improved therapeutic efficacy
  • Establishing criteria novel targets for the next generation of medical radionuclides
  • Assessing current clinical trial designs to overcome the current challenges with reaching approval
  • And much more…

Don’t miss your only annual opportunity to collaborate with pioneers in the space and explore the value of theragnostic radionuclide therapies within advanced oncology portfolios.

Download the full event guide to find out more.

This year's meeting will be taking place exclusively online. Find out more about digital attendance here.