Overcoming the technical, logistical and translational challenges of delivering meaningful clinical efficacy with radionuclide therapies

Welcome to Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals (TRP) Summit, the industry-led forum designed to accelerate the development of next-generation radiopharmaceuticals. In June 2019, our faculty of expert speakers led us through a comprehensive discussion of the challenges & opportunities currently facing the space as it undergoes an exciting resurgence.

We worked with companies including: Endocyte, MTR, Actinium Pharmaceuticals, Tagworks, Bayer & Roche, to assemble our agenda, focusing on advancing the therapeutic potential of radiation. The important role of diagnostic imaging was also key to providing a truly well-rounded conference in this field. As such, fully appreciating the potential that combinations of theranostics & diagnostics offer was integral throughout.

The main areas of focus were:

  • Identifying & Assessing the Therapeutic Potential of Novel Targets
  • Updates on the New Regulatory Hurdles in the US & EU
  • Optimising Chemical Modification Methods & Combination Rationale - Radioimmunotherapy and Beyond

We will be returning in June 2020 - register your interest to stay updated

"Overall great conference with a combination of excellent speakers and focused, relevant content. A Good balance of technical and business driven talks."

Eisai, Past Hanson Wade Attendee

“I thought the conference was very focused. It was time well spent. I learned a lot and had productive networking sessions.”

Genentech, Past Hanson Wade Attendee

"A good meeting in terms of presentation topics, interactive workshop"

Celgene, Past Hanson Wade Attendee

Some of our 2019 expert speaker line-up included:

Chris Leamon

Vice President of Research


Christiane Smerling

Head of Nuclear Medicine & Imaging

3B Pharmaceuticals

Cristina Müller

Research Group Leader at Paul Scherrer Institute and Private Docent

ETH Zurich

Dale Ludwig

Chief Scientific Officer

Actinium Pharmaceuticals

Urs Hagemann

Laboratory Head


2019 Partners Included:

Minerva Imaging