TRP Series

Turbocharging Complex Targeted Radiopharmaceutical Drug Development

The TRP Series promises to deliver a dedicated forum for every niche within the radiopharmaceutical industry; uniting those working across the entire drug development landscape, from target discovery, clinical rationale, regulations, and supply chain. Our goal is to connect all those advancing this field, leaving no TRP stone unturned and ensuring that every team member is supported.

As we stay updated on the latest trends in this rapidly growing field, we strive to serve the TRP community comprehensively by facilitating end-to-end conversations across pharma, biotech, and academic thought leaders, to foster collaboration and shared learning. Each meeting features data-driven case studies, thought-provoking discussions, and networking opportunities, enabling the radiopharmaceutical community to achieve their clinical and commercial potential and deliver to patients at scale.

Upcoming Events in the Series:


July 2024 | Boston, MA

Attain Significant Clinical Efficacy Of Your TRP Pipeline by Matching Advances with Next Generation Targets with Innovations in Quantitative Imaging, Dosimetry Methods and Isotope Supply

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September 2024 | Boston, MA

Optimizing Strategic Supply Practices, Radioisotope Production & Complex Manufacturing of Therapeutic α & β Emitting Radioligands to Efficiently Support Growing Demand For Patients in Need

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