At the Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals Summit we will home in on the key issues surrounding translation, dosimetry, clinical trials, regulatory approval and commercialisation. This is an opportunity to take a deep dive into the issues that are central to advancing your progress. This peer-led discussion will primarily feature case studies from key opinion leaders in the field; they will be shedding light on the cutting edge work they are doing to bring about the next-generation of radiopharmaceuticals.

For a complete agenda, download the event guide here 



Prime yourself for the conference by bolstering your current knowledge with practical insight into key challenges in one of our workshops. Workshops are the best opportunity to go deep into the technical detail of a topic with an expert in the specific area. They will lead participants through a program of talks and interactive sessions designed to drive participation and conversation within the group.



We have 5+ of networking opportunities built into the agenda, including our popular session known as speed networking. This is an opportunity to meet everyone in the room, exchange cards and introductions, and identify those you need to follow up with during the conference. This allows you to plan your networking time effectively and to have more worthwhile conversations.