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10:20 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Production and Application of Theranostic Radiopharmaceuticals in IAEA Members States

10:30 am IAEA Support on Theranostic Radiopharmaceuticals for Member States

  • Amir Jalilian Technical Officer & Professor – Radiopharmacy, International Atomic Energy Agency


  • Rapid growth in the production and application of theranostic radiopharmaceuticals in most IAEA Member States in Asia-Pacific, Africa, East Europe as well as Latin America
  • Emerging need for training of radiochemists, radiopharmacists in production lines
  • Importance of secure supply chain for new users
  • IAEA support to Member States mainly depends on identification of international experts as well as relationships with professional societies

Building Rational Therapy Combinations

11:00 am Future perspectives of internal radiotherapy

  • Markus Luster Professor & Nuclear Medicine Specialist , Philipps-Universität Marburg


  • Combination therapies
  • Side effects
  • Dosimetry

11:30 am Combination of IGF-1R Targeted Alpha Therapy with Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors Results in Durable Tumour Regression in Colorectal Mouse Model


  • Fusion utilizes targeted alpha therapy (TAT) which enables delivery of alpha particle emitting isotopes (actinium 225) to the targeted tumour cells
  • Discussing the rationale for combining TAT with immunotherapy and will give examples of the work we have done in CT26 syngeneic mouse model
  • I will also discuss the mechanism of action behind our therapeutic findings

12:00 pm Networking Break

Optimising Preclinical Testing for Faster and More Cost-Efficient Transition to The Clinic

1:00 pm DRIVE-MRT : DRug Integrative discovery Molecular RadioTherapy


  • A premium “nuclear medicine” solution in Oncology

1:30 pm Panel Discussion with Oncodesign and ABX-CRO



2:00 pm Networking Break

Diagnostic Imaging Applications

3:00 pm A Presentation from our Innovation Partner, Minerva Imaging


3:15 pm Optimizing Cancer Treatment with Diagnostic Radiopharmaceuticals


  • Personalized Treatment
  • Optimized Patient Stratification
  • Improving Outcome

3:45 pm Presentation from Innovation Partner, MiLabs


Sourcing Radionuclides to Ensure a Consistent Supply

1:00 pm Targeted Alpha Therapy: The Future of Effective Cancer Therapy Using Alpha Emitting Isotopes


  • Single alpha-emitting isotopes: how to avoid delayed damage?
  • Ideal half-life: can you combine effectiveness with minimal side effects?
  • Reliable supply: how to secure a strong and reliable supply chain

1:15 pm Production Of Emerging Radioisotopes: From Cyclotron to Clinical Use

  • Dana Niculae Head Of Radiopharmaceutical Research Centre Horia Hulubei , National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering - IFIN-HH


  • Emerging radioisotopes produced at cyclotrons: Cu- 61/62/64/67; Zr-89; Sc-43/44/47; Ga-68; Y-88 …
  • Quality criteria for medical radioisotopes, not only quantity and half-life
  • Imaging, therapy or theranostic radioisotopes, or when is 2 in 1 a true advantage?

1:45 pm Microfluidic Production of Radiopharmaceuticals for Theranostics


  • Advantages for radiochemical syntheses & radiopharmaceutical development
  • Latest results & future developments in preclinical and clinical research

2:00 pm Networking Break

Building Infrastructure for the Future of RLT

3:00 pm Building Reliable Infrastructure for Radiopharmaceuticals


  • Discuss the COST Action NOAR CA19114 network dedicated to astatine therapy
  • Here a about how the network touches various nations including EU network includes also participants from Non European countries like USA, Japan, South Africa, Australia

3:30 pm Readiness for radioligand therapy: a multidisciplinary systems approach to policy change

  • Christine Merkel Associate Director of Research & Policy , The Health Policy Partnership


  • Why is readiness important? Planning for radioligand therapy, or any radiopharmaceutical requires a multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral approach. The health system must be ready to accommodate this innovation quickly and sustainably. This requires proactive policy- and decision-making
  • How can we assess readiness? Together with a ultisectoral expert advisory group, the Health Policy Partnership has developed an international readiness assessment framework for radioligand therapy taking a broad systems approach. I would present the framework alongside the key findings from the US and UK applications
  • How can we build a ready environment? Discussing key policy recommendations – focusing on infrastructure – from the US and UK. And a wider approach to policy engagement around radioligand therapy. Highlighting next applications of the framework in new countries and the need to learn lessons from the past as well as between countries

4:00 pm Afternoon Networking Break

4:30 pm Overcoming Obstacles in the Radiopharmaceutical Supply Chain from Phase 1 to Commercial Supply


  •  What special considerations exist for phase I trials in TRT
  • How do you scale these operations through clinical development and how do those considerations change?
  • How does the theranostic pairing of (Cu-64/Cu-67) unique address these constraints and providing larger market access opportunities

Next Generation Alpha Emitter Based Therapeutics

5:00 pm Panel Discussion: Review of the Last 12 Months of Development of Alpha Emitting Therapies

  • Urs Hagemann Head of Laboratory & Project Manager , Bayer
  • Ken Song Chief Executive Officer , Rayze BIO


  • Discuss how Lutathera has changed the game for RLT developers and what it has taught us about RLT’s place on the wider oncology field
  • Explore what key learnings have been uncovered by VISION trial and other recent analyses of alphaemitters’ clinical applications

Optimizing Treatment Regimens

5:45 pm High Dose – Low Dose Therapeutic Strategy: Tailoring the Dose Of Radiopharmaceuticals For Opportunity And Outcomes


  • Optimizing dose for new therapeutic opportunities
  • Mechanistic combinations
  • Navigating safety for improved outcomes

6:15 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks and End of Conference