All times listed are Central European Time (CET)

9:50 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Combining Radionuclides with Advanced Oncology Portfolios for Improved Therapeutic Efficacy

10:00 am Bringing Radiopharmaceuticals to Mainstream Oncology – The “Combo”


  • Therapeutic nuclear medicine has traditionally sat at the periphery of mainstream oncology. In order for “theranostics” to gain traction they will need to integrate
  • Evaluate the multiple strategies that exist for both diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals for them to augment and complement standard of care
  • Oncology standard care is complex and moving quickly, particularly in areas of oncology practice where radiopharmaceuticals have impact. Assess the importance of integrative development strategies, in order to maintain relevance
  •  Discuss how the integration of radiopharmaceutics with both medical and “traditional” radiation oncology is important for the future of the field

10:20 am Live Presenter Q&A

10:25 am Speed Networking & Virtual Networking Break

11:30 am Novel Concepts in Radionuclide Therapy of Neuroendocrine Tumours

  • Markus Luster Chair of the Department of Nuclear Medicine , University Hospital Marburg


  • Chemotherapy
  • Internal dosimetry
  • Side effects

11:50 am Combining Radionuclides with a Comprehensive Array of Therapeutics for Improved Therapeutic Efficacy

  • Maurizio Mariani Head of Research & Development , Advanced Accelerator Applications


  • Look at how targeted radiopharmaceuticals, linking diagnostic and therapeutic, are bringing new approaches to the treatment of oncological patients
  • Discuss the combination of radiotherapy with already established therapies that may contribute to the development of new treatment options to cancer patients
  • Explore the variety of combination approaches that can be supported by strong scientific rationale

12:10 pm Radiopharmaceuticals & Clinical Oncology Trials


  • Protocol development-From what perspective?
  • Setting your site up for success
  •  Lessons learned from clinical oncology studies

12:30 pm Live Presenter Q&A

12:45 pm Virtual Networking Break

Optimising Preclinical Testing for Faster & More Cost-Efficient Translation to the Clinic

1:40 pm It takes 2 to Tango: Path from Preclinical to Clinical Phase I for Imaging and Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals

2:00 pm Optimising Preclinical Testing For Fast Translation To The Clinic


  • Discussing the application of PET tracer in personalised medicine and drug discovery
  • Analysing the requirements of preclinical testing for PET tracer development
  • Sharing our experience on development of PET tracers for Glutamate Receptors

2:20 pm Development of theranostics from Preclinical to Clinical Phase I

  • Cyril Berthet Pharmaco-Imaging Unit Director, Oncodesign
  • Linjing Mu Investigator , ETH Zürich
  • Franck Denat Co Founder, Chematech
  • Chris Rundfelt Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology (APL), University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover
  • Eftychia Koumarianou Director Pre-Clinical & Pharmacy, ABX - CRO advanced pharmaceutical services
  • Andreas Kluge Medical Director , ABX - CRO advanced pharmaceutical services


Additional speakers are currently under confirmation

2:50 pm Virtual Networking Break

3:30 pm Microfluidic Production of Radiopharmaceuticals


– Microfluidic advantages for radiochemical syntheses

– A new tool for the development of PET tracers

– Latest results & future developments in preclinical and clinical research

Assessing Current Clinical Trial Designs to Overcome the Challenges with Reaching Approval

3:45 pm Radiopharmaceuticals – A Story of Success & Failure

  • Roland Turck Managing Partner, TurckBio International Consulting


  • Discussing why radio-pharmaceuticals are one of those decade old ‘technologies of the future’ that did not yet make it into the therapeutic mainstream. While often clinically effective and well tolerated they are viewed by some as cumbersome and overly complex.
  • Evaluating the opportunity as recent multi-billion $ acquisitions suggest that strategic and financial investors take another look at the space
  • What went wrong in the past and what drives commercial success? Gain perspectives on attractive clinical settings, targets and technologies that could be of interest for academia, industry and investors

4:05 pm Live Presenter Q&A

4:10 pm Lessons Learned From Radiopharmaceutical Trials in Prostate Cancer

  • Oliver Sartor Professor of Medicine Medical Director, Tulane Cancer Center; C. E. and Bernadine Laborde Professor of Cancer Research


  • Discuss key factors that were important in designing a prostate cancer radiopharmaceutical trial
  •  Analyse the impact RLT clinical trials have had on the wider prostate cancer field

4:35 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Day One