Cristina Müller

Cristina Müller

Company: ETH Zurich

Job title: Research Group Leader at Paul Scherrer Institute and Private Docent


Cristina Müller is a Research Group Leader at the Center for Radiopharmaceutical Sciences (CRS) at the Paul Scherrer Institute and Private Docent at ETH Zurich in Switzerland. She studied Pharmaceutical Sciences and obtained her PhD at ETH Zurich in 2005. As a postdoc fellow, she worked at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam. After returning to Switzerland, she won a fellowship from the Swiss National Science Foundation and built up her own research group at CRS. She focused on the development of folate-receptor targeted radionuclide therapy, which was also the topic of her Habilitation thesis to obtain a PD title at ETH in 2014. Currently, she supervises a well-established research group at PSI and conducts research dedicated to the design and evaluation of small-molecular-weight ligands for radiotheragnostic applications. Among the main interests are the investigation and application of exotic radionuclides for radiotheragnostic applications.


Exotic Radionuclides for Radiotheragnostic Applications 11:30 am

Presentation of the concept of radiotheragnostics using radioisotopes of the same element Production and preclinical investigations of scandium and terbium radioisotopes First-in-human applicationRead more

day: Day One

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