Readiness for radioligand therapy: a multidisciplinary systems approach to policy change

Time: 5:00 pm
day: Day Two


  • Why is readiness important? Planning for radioligand therapy, or any radiopharmaceutical requires a multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral approach. The health system must be ready to accommodate this innovation quickly and sustainably. This requires proactive policy- and decision-making
  • How can we assess readiness? Together with a ultisectoral expert advisory group, the Health Policy Partnership has developed an international readiness assessment framework for radioligand therapy taking a broad systems approach. I would present the framework alongside the key findings from the US and UK applications
  • How can we build a ready environment? Discussing key policy recommendations – focusing on infrastructure – from the US and UK. And a wider approach to policy engagement around radioligand therapy. Highlighting next applications of the framework in new countries and the need to learn lessons from the past as well as between countries