8:50 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Assessing the Therapeutic Potential of Novel Targets & Radioisotopes

9:00 am Keynote Presentation: The Power of Precision Oncology: Past, Present and Future of Molecular Imaging and Targeted Radioisotope Therapy of Cancer

  • Richard Baum , Theranostics Center for Molecular Radiotherapy and Molecular Imaging

9:30 am New solid tumor targets for targeted radiopharmaceutical therapy using peptides and small molecules


  • Different target classes
  • Criteria a target has to meet
  • How to identify a good target for a certain class of targeting molecules
  • Potential pitfalls of peptides and small molecules
  • 3BP’s hit identification platform
  • Example of successful de novo hit generation

10:00 am Speed Networking & Morning Refreshments


This session is the ideal opportunity to get face-to-face time with many of the brightest minds working in the Radiopharmaceutical field & establish meaningful business relationships to pursue for the rest of the conference.

11:30 am Exotic Radionuclides for Radiotheragnostic Applications

  • Cristina Müller Research Group Leader at Paul Scherrer Institute and Private Docent , ETH Zurich


  • Presentation of the concept of radiotheragnostics using radioisotopes of the same element
  • Production and preclinical investigations of scandium and terbium radioisotopes
  • First-in-human application

12:00 pm Copper-64/67 Targeted radiopharmaceuticals, Next Generation Theranostics

  • Matt Harris Chief Executive Officer, Clarity Pharmaceuticals


  • Clarity is in Phase 2a targeted radiopharmaceutical therapy trial.
  • Clarity has a pipeline of peptide receptor radiopharmaceutical therapies which utilise Copper-64 for PET imaging and Copper-67 for Beta emitting therapy
  • Copper-64 has advantages in dosimetry and centralised manufacture, while Copper-67 has a versatile half-life suited to peptides

12:30 pm Optional Site Visit


  • Join us in a visit to the Munich Technical University’s FRMII Reactor
  • Get a tour through all aspects of one of the central sources of Neutrons in Europe to bolster your understanding of the internal requirements of operating such a site
  • This opportunity is offered to delegates that register for the conference. However, there is a very limited number of spaces available and they will be allocated by a ballot
  • This was made possible through a collaboration with ITM

12:30 pm Lunch

2:00 pm Targeted Thorium-227 Conjugates – Exploring the potential of Bayer’s’ novel targeted alpha therapy platform in solid tumors


  • Learn Targeted thorium-227 conjugates (TTCs) represent a new class of molecules for targeted alpha therapy (TAT)
  • The covalent attachment of a 3,2-HOPO chelator to targeting moieties ( e.g. tumor antigen targeting antibodies) enables specific complexation and delivery of the alpha particle emitter thorium-227 to tumor cells
  • Due to the high linear energy transfer and short penetration range, TAT efficiently induce double-strand DNA breaks, resulting in apoptosis of tumor cells
  • Preclinical data on various TTCs, including combination potential are being presented

2:30 pm Preclinical Development of 212Pb-DOTAMTATE in a Neuroendocrine Tumor Model


• Although somatostatin analogs have been combined with various beta and gamma emitters over the years, we have developed an octreotate analog in combination with the alpha emitter, 212Pb
• 212Pb-DOTAMTATE shows tumor targeting of >20% ID/g in mice 24hrs post treatment and was shown to increase median survival > 2-fold with a single dose
• Kidney protection agents, including lysine and arginine, can minimise drug retention in the kidneys while the addition of ascorbic acid to the drug preparation was found to minimise oxidation of the drug product

3:00 pm Panel Discussion: Are Targeted Alpha Emitting Therapies the Endgame of Radiopharmaceutical Progress?


Join a panel of experts to discuss:

  • What could improve Alpha emitting isotopes further?
  • What new oncological and non-oncological diseases can we target next?
  • Have Beta-emitting therapies have reached their maximum potential?

3:30 pm Afternoon Refreshments

Ensuring Clinical Success Through Effective Translation, Companion Imaging and Dosimetry

4:00 pm Relevance of dosimetry and the Lutathera experience

  • Maurizio Mariani Head of Research , Advanced Accelerator Applications, A Novartis Company


  • Target organ dosimetry is a unique asset of Nuclear Medicine. As for the
    more classical PK/PD approach, dosimetry can be a useful tool to support
    the identification of potential dose range and therapeutic schemes during
  • Nevertheless, due to the high variability of data and the intrinsic limitation of the
    method, dosimetry appears to be of use at the initial stages of development but
    not suited for a personalized therapeutic approach
  • Experience gained during Lutathera development confirmed that clinical,
    haematological and biochemical assessments, rather than dosimetry, are the
    most reliable tools to monitor both efficacy and safety aspects

4:30 pm In-Vivo Click Strategies for Antibody-Based Imaging and Radiotherapy


  • Learn how pre-targeting using in vivo click chemistry and a secondary radiolabelled probe can boost target-blood ratios in radioimmunoimaging and -therapy
  • Learn how click-reactive clearing agents can be used to trigger instantaneous clearance of freely circulating radiolabelled antibodies, boosting target-blood ratios

5:00 pm Imaging Biomarkers in Cancer Nanomedicine


• Cancer nanomedicines rely on the EPR effect, which is highly variable
• Radiolabeling of nanomedicines allows for patient stratification and can be used to individualise and improve antitumor nanotherapy
• Multiple proof-of-concept studies have recently been published showing the added value of imaging biomarkers on the clinical translation of cancer nanomedicines

5:30 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

5:40 pm End of Day 1